Dr. Edward G. Nawy

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    Dr. Edward G. Nawy, P.E., C. Eng.

    Distinguished Professor (Professor II) of Civil Engineering

   D.Eng. Pisa, 1967
   C.E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1959
   M.S.-DIC, Imperial College, London University, 1951
   Dipl. Eng. (Distinction), University of Bagdad, 1948

Area of Specialization

    Structural Concrete, Materials and Systems, Cold Weather Concrete Construction, and Forensic Engineering

Contact Information
    Telephone:  (732) 445-2236
Fax: (732) 445-0577

     160 technical articles
  • Deformational Behavior of High Performance Concrete Continuous Composite Beams Reinforced with Prestressed Prisms and Instrumented with Bragg Grating Fiber Optic Sensors, ACI Structural Journal No. 95-96, Jan.-Feb. 1998, pp. 51-60.
  • Control of Deflection in Concrete Structures, ACI Committee 435 Report, E. G. Nawy Chairman and contributor to two chapters, 1995, 77 pp.
  • "Early Age Shear Interaction Behavior of High Strength Concrete Layered Systems", SP-133, American Concrete Institute, Detroit, Dec. 1992, pp. 159-185.
  • "Fiber Optic Bragg Grating Sensor in Large Scale Concrete Structures," Nawy, Prohaska, et al, Proceedings, SPIE, Vol. 1798, Dec. 1992, pp. 1-22.
  • "Cracking in Concrete-ACI and CEB Approaches" Invited Keynote Address on a world review of the subject of Cracking in Concrete, Proceedings, International Conference on Advances in Concrete Technology, ACI-CANMET, May 1992 pp. 199-238.
  • End Block Stresses in Post-Tensioned Prestressed Beams, Journal of the Structural Division, ASCE ST8-10, August 1987 pp. 1789-1805. Cold-Weather Concrete Repair in Bridge Decks, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., 1987.
  • Cracking Behavior and Crack Control in Pretensioned and Post-Tensioned Prestressed Concrete Beams - The State of the Art, American Concrete Institute, Paper No.82-84, Nov.-Dec. 1985, pp.890-900.
  • Strength, Serviceability, and Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Handbook of Structural Concrete, Pitman Publishing Co., London, 1983, 135 pp.
  • Serviceability Behavior of Post-Tensioned Beams, Journal of the PCI February 1980, pp. 74-95.
  • Optimum Polymer Content in Concrete Modified by Liquid Epoxy Resins, Journal of the ACI SP-58-19, February 1980, pp. 329-355.
  • Deflection of Prestressed Concrete Plates published in the Journal of the Prestressed Concrete Institute, March 1976.
  • Control of Cracking in Concrete Structures Official ACI Committee 224 Report under the Chairmanship of E.G. Nawy, published in the Journal of the ACI December 1972.
  • Further Studies on the Flexural Cracking of Two-Way Concrete Slab Systems published by the American Concrete Institute, Vol. SP-30, January 1972, pp. 1-41.
  • Deflection Behavior of Spirally Confined Prestressed Flanged Beams published in the Journal of the Prestressed Concrete Institute June 1971, pp.44-59.

  • Three major textbooks with several reprints in each addition and a major handbook:
  • Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook, Editor-in-chief and contributor of four chapters, published by CRC Press, Boca Raton, 1998, 1250 pp.
  • High Performance Concrete, published by John Wiley & Sons, 1996, Second Revised Edition, 2001, 490 pp.
  • Prestressed Concrete - A Fundamental Approach published by Prentice Hall 1989, Third Revised Edition, 2000, 944 pp.
  • Simplified Reinforced Concrete published by Prentice-Hall, 1986, 308 pp.
  • Reinforced Concrete - A Fundamental Approach published by Prentice-Hall, 1985, Fourth Revised Edition, 2000, 786 pp.

  • Teaching Profile

            180:411 Reinforced Concrete
            180:426 Structural Design
    180:541 Advanced Reinforced Concrete I
            180:542 Advanced Reinforced Concrete II
            180:544 Prestressed Concrete


        University Service
  • Rutgers Board of Governers - 2 Terms (1979-1980)
  • Civil Engineering Department Chairman and Graduate Director, 1980-1986
  • Rutgers Board of Trustees, 1981
  • Executive Committee, Rutgers University Senate, 1976-1978
    University Representative to the Transportation Research Board, 1977-1999
  •     Committee Memberships
  • Founding chairman, ACI National Committee on Cracking in Concrete Structures
  • Chairman of the Board Committee on State Chapter Activities
  • Member,ACI Committee 340 on Ultimate Load
  • Chairman, ACI National Committee on Deflection Members
  • ACI-ASCE Joint Committee on Slabs
  • ACI-ASCE Joint Committee on in situ Structures
  • Member, Tall Buildings Council
  •     Professional Organization Memberships
  • President, NJ State Chapter, ACI, 1963
  • President, NJ State Chapter, ACI, 1977
  • Fellow, American Concrete Institute
  • Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Fellow of Institution of Civil Engineers, London
  • Member, Prestressed Concrete Institute
  • Member, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • American Society of Engineering Education, New York Academy of Sciences
  • N.J. Chancellor of Higher Education Task Force
  • Transportation Research Board
  • Member, Concrete Bridges Committee
  • Chairman, Committee A2E03 on Concrete
  • Registered Professional Engineer in: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Florida.
  • Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.) Commonwealth United Kingdom
  • Evaluator, National Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET)
  •     Interaction with Industry
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Exxon Corporation on the Alaska Pipeline
  • General Accounting Office
  • Goodkind O'Dea
  • Penwalt Corp.
  • CMA Consulting Group
  • Transit Mix Corporation
  • Insurance Company of North America
  • CNA Insurance Company
  • Berger-Lehman Associates, New York
  • City of New York Legal Department
  • Baker Engineering, New York

  • Honors & Awards

  • ACI Concrete Research Council Award, 2001.
  • Recognition Award, IMCYG, Mexico, 1989.
  • Honorary Professor, Naijing Institute of Technology ( NIT), China, 1987.
  • National ACI Chapter Activities Award, 1978.
  • Henry L. Kennedy Award, ACI, 1972.
  • Gulbenlzian Foundation Fellow, LNEC, Portugal, 1972.
  • Award of Recognition, ACI, New Jersey Chapter, 1972.
  • Honorary Member, NJIT Chi Epsilon Engineering Honorary Society, 1970